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The "ABAP RESTful Programming Model" is the unofficial successor to BOPF and uses many of its concepts. However, handling the objects is much easier and less code is required. Due to the native integration in ABAP, this variant is also a lot faster and serves as the basis for many modern applications.

RAP - Introduction

RAP - Simple Object

RAP - UI Annotations

RAP - Entity Manipulation Language (EML)

RAP - Projection

RAP - Validation

RAP - Determination

RAP - Action

RAP - Action (Part 2)

RAP - Search help

RAP - Popup

RAP - Messages

RAP - Numbering

RAP - Feature Control

RAP - Draft

RAP - Draft (Part 2)

RAP - ABAP Unit (Business Object)

RAP - ABAP Unit (Service)

RAP - Build a simple app

BTP and ABAP 4 Cloud

Development with ABAP is no longer only possible on-premises. How do you develop in the cloud and what needs to be considered. Let's take a look at the ABAP Environment, but also at the BTP.

ABAP Environment - Steampunk

ABAP Environment - Development

BTP - Business Application Studio

BTP - Fiori Elements App (Creation)

BTP - Fiori Elements App (Deployment)

BTP - Connect on-premise (OData)

BTP - Access methods On-Premise (OData)

BTP - Connect on-premise (Function module)