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ABAP new series
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ABAP - Obsolete and other series


In addition to the topics New ABAP and the innovations in SAP development, of course, other areas are addressed, such as outdated language elements. For this a few new series.

In addition to all the innovations in SAP and ABAP, almost every release contains things that become obsolete and should not be used anymore. Therefore, we would like to dedicate some additional series only to this topic in order to keep you up to date and also address a few short marginal issues:

  • Obsolete - Here we will deal with language elements that have become obsolete and what you can use instead as alternative.
  • Quick - Short hints, techniques or ABAP objects that make your life easier and with which you can implement cool new features in the system.


Obsolete language elements

Over the years, now ABAP exists, the language has evolved and it was necessary to convert outdated language elements and syntax. Many terms have been collected in the language reference that are now marked as obsolete.

In a language like PHP or Java, these obsolete language elements will eventually disappear with later releases and old code would no longer be executable. Therefore, developers have to adapt, maintain and update existing coding again and again.

But since even SAP has a lot of old coding in its core modules, which has been using obsolete commands for a long time, they will never get the idea to completely clean up the language reference. This old commands will continue to exist and can still be used.


ABAP developer

As a good ABAP developer, you should also pay attention to such small details and use no more than obsolete tagged commands. If SAP thinks about changing anything then you are definitely on the right side with this approach. Our tips to you:

  • So check out what's new in the language when you upgrade, especially if you're upgrading to a S/4 HANA system.
  • Avoid using obsolete language elements when possible. If you are not sure, look in the element's F1 help to see if it's marked as obsolete.



Be curious about the additional series for these topics, so you save time and research and we always get the latest information about it. Maybe you'll also find some new things that you did not know yet.

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