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lightbulb_outline Category - ABAP

RAP - Custom Entity Value Help (Deep Dive)

Category - ABAP

With the Custom Entity you have the most freedom in RAP when developing ABAP Cloud applications, but what about potential errors?


ABAP Cloud - Program

Category - ABAP

What happens next with the ABAP report and which migration strategies are available to you for ABAP Cloud? Let's take a look at the objects here.


ABAP Tools - Working with Eclipse (CDS Templates)

Category - ABAP

Did you select the wrong CDS template when creating the view? Here's a little tip to correct the view in ABAP afterwards.


ABAP Cloud - Migration (Frontend)

Category - ABAP

How do you migrate a classic report to ABAP Cloud? In this article we look at an example of a migration.


ABAP Unit - Test execution

Category - ABAP

What options are there for executing ABAP Unit and what hidden functions might you not know about? More details about the different modes in this article.


ABAP Cloud - Mails

Category - ABAP

Send emails with ABAP Cloud? Actually as easy as always, just with small differences that we want to clarify in this article.


ABAP Tools - Quick Actions und Highlighting (ABAP Unit)

Category - ABAP

With the last release of the ABAP Development Tools, Quick Actions were added for ABAP development in the ABAP Unit area. Here we take a closer look at them.


ABAP Cloud - Background processing

Category - ABAP

How do you actually outsource memory-intensive processes to the background and monitor them in ABAP Cloud? In this article, we take a closer look at the framework.


SAP Community dead? My Community starts

Category - ABAP

How active is the SAP community and why is it so difficult for us to find the latest topics? Perhaps we have an alternative for you.


ABAP Cloud - Table maintenance

Category - ABAP

What actually comes after SM30 and how can you use Business Configuration today as a central maintenance tool for your tables? Read more in this article.


BTP - Business Configuration (Settings)

Category - ABAP

Let's take a look at the settings of the maintenance object in the ABAP environment and what effects they have on maintenance.


ABAP Tools - Configure Tool Bridge

Category - ABAP

Let's take a look at what the Tool Bridge is in the ABAP Development Tools and how you can easily configure it.


RAP - Deep Action in OData v4

Category - ABAP

In this article we will look at actions with deep structures, how we can create them and pass data to an API endpoint.


BTP - Business Configuration (Adaptation)

Category - ABAP

What do adjustments to the RAP business object actually look like in the context of the business configuration? More information in this article.


ABAP Development Days 2024

Category - ABAP

DSAG's ABAP Development Days 2024 have come to an end. This article takes a brief look back at the most exciting topics and insights from the two days.


BTP - Business Configuration (without Transport)

Category - ABAP

How do you actually use the Business Configuration without the transport recording? In this article we clarify whether it is possible.


BTP - Business Configuration (Usage)

Category - ABAP

Today it's about using the various apps and transporting the business configuration in the ABAP environment.


BTP - Business Configuration (Creation)

Category - ABAP

This article is about creating maintenance views in the ABAP environment to maintain data and later transport the settings.


BTP - OData Access from On-Premise

Category - ABAP

In this article we will go into a little more detail about how to consume an OData service on the on-premise from an ABAP environment.


ABAP - Type Casting

Category - ABAP

How do you actually get the original type of a class or instance if it is passed in a generic table? In this article we examine the possibilities.


ABAP Cloud - Parallel processing

Category - ABAP

The CL_ABAP_PARALLEL class has been around for a while and is also used in ABAP Cloud. In this article you will learn more about its use and effects.


ABAP OO - Method parameters

Category - ABAP

This article explains the basics of parameters in methods and how they behave with different types.



Category - ABAP

This article is about the ABAP Feature Matrix for developers, what the background is and how you can use it.


ABAP Cloud - Migration (example)

Category - ABAP

In this article we will take an example of migrating a report from TIER-3 to ABAP Cloud.


ABAP Cloud - 3-TIER Model

Category - ABAP

The 3-TIER model is an essential part of the transition architecture towards the ABAP Cloud. In this section we will go into more detail about the structure.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Execute object)

Category - ABAP

In this article a little tip for starting objects directly, without having to go through the display of the object.


BTP - Software Components

Category - ABAP

Software components are a modern part of the ABAP architecture, especially in the ABAP Environment. In this article we will look at working with them.


ABAP Cloud - Introduction

Category - ABAP

What is ABAP Cloud, what does it do and how can we use it? This article is about introducing the topic.


ABAP Quick - RFC Error handling

Category - ABAP

How do you actually handle errors when communicating via a destination in the function module? More about this in our tip.


ABAP Cloud vs. ABAP in the Cloud

Category - ABAP

The terms actually sound quite similar and are unfortunately often mistaken for the same thing. In this article we will look at the differences.