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On our blog you will find numerous articles around the topics of software development, the web and many other exciting topics. Our currently hottest categories can be found here in the overview:

  • ABAP - Everything about SAP, development, tips and tricks, as well as news
  • Apps - We'll keep you up to date on our web apps, app development and other tools
  • Flutter - Everything about cross-platform development with Google's framework and other useful information
  • Web - The Internet is an important part of life for many people, but also an important part of today's society

To get an overview of the latest articles, you can also jump directly to our blog.



Since we have a lot to do with SAP at work, we want to share our knowledge with you. You will always find useful topics on our blog, but also on the overview pages around the topics SAP and ABAP development.

Would you like to research more about the ABAP Cloud development model? With our Cloudification Repository Viewer you can quickly and easily search SAP's Cloudification Repository and find released APIs.



We are developing our own apps for Android and iOS and we want to be prepared for the future when it comes to mobile web and desktop applications. Flutter, Google's mobile framework, could be a big step forward. With the programming language Dart it is possible to cover the different operating systems with a code base, which makes it the ideal project environment for us.

Learn more about Flutter development, resources and links by following the button below or in one of our blog articles about this topic.



We develop our own small apps for the web, based on our content management system. The apps work in the browser and are especially tailored for mobile use. Our benefits for you:

  • No installation
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Available everywhere

Through our internal store you will find our current selection of small applications. For the use you only need an account on our side and no additional software, except a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox).


Well, already curious? Then create a new account or write us a message.

Be sure to check out our blog, leave a comment and do not miss out anything from the world of development!