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ABAP Cloud Concepts

ABAP Cloud is SAP's new development model when it comes to the entire SAP landscape, which refers to the ABAP Environment, S/4 HANA (Public and Private Cloud) and S/4 HANA On-Premise. The central component is the 3-TIER model, which represents the future ABAP architecture.



On this page you will find a comparison of old (T3) and new (T1) components.

Area Old (T3) New (T1) Hint Example
User ID SY-UNAME cl_abap_context_info=>get_user_alias( ) Both Link
Actual date SY-DATUM cl_abap_context_info=>get_system_date( ) Deprecated Link
Actual time SY-UZEIT cl_abap_context_info=>get_system_time( ) Deprecated Link
Application Log SLG0, SLG1 ADT, ABAP API, ReUse Components Deprecated Link 
Jobs SM36, SM37, Program Application Job (Catalog & Template) Deprecated Link
E Mail   CL_BCS_MAIL_MESSAGE Deprecated  
Programming model BOPF RAP Deprecated  
Table maintenance SM30 Business Configuration Deprecated  
Package structure Classic Software Components Enhanced  
JSON Conversion /UI2/CL_JSON /UI2/CL_JSON Remains  



Here you will find technology that has no successor and is no longer supported in TIER-1.

Area Old (T3) Hint
File OPEN DATASET No OS level file support
GUI Transactions The SAP GUI is no longer supported in TIER-1, as are all functions and Dnypro events.
Technology Batch-Input Batch input folders for processing data are obsolete.


Hint: The list of APIs is still under construction and will be continually updated.