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Type pools are obsolete, but the use continues. How best to deal with it in the future, you will find out here today.

According to official documentation, the type pools are not yet obsolete, as they can still be used and are also used in many program components. But today we want to show you that you can do without certain components and functions.



Type groups were the first global types in the system that could be reused in different routines. All together they can contain the following objects that are reused everywhere:

  • Type definitions
  • Constants
  • Macros


The integration takes place with the keyword TYPE-POOLS or in classes during the integration on the definition page (form-based editor).


Today's usage

Also in modern programming in SAP, type groups are still used, they are only not specified explicitly. Think for example of the simplest comparison in the program code, whether a flag is set or not. Then you normally use a variable of type ABAP_BOOL from type group ABAP. Probably one of the most used groups in the system. Examples of known type groups are:

  • ABAP - Basic language values such as Bool or data descriptions for data types
  • ICON - All icons of the system that can be addressed by name
  • VRM - Represents Value Request Manager and includes search help and drop-down variables


Hint: Since the type groups are available globally and at any time in the system, it is no longer necessary to specify the keywords. The variables and constants can be addressed directly by name. This makes the term TYPE-POOL indirectly obsolete.



The type pools are not dead and will continue to play a role, especially in the context of the SAP standard. But the Dictionary and the classes offer a very good alternative and are in high demand especially for the in-house development.


SAP Documentation - TYPE-POOL
Type-Pool ABAP

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