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ABAP RAP Simple App
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RAP - Build a simple app


In the RAP series, we looked at how to build a simple app with RAP, design the interface and test everything with a preview. Here's a little recap.

In the series, we built a simple app using RAP. With this article we want to give you a summary again, discuss the individual steps and give an outlook on how to proceed.



It all starts with the introduction to a new area, the ABAP RESTful Programming Model is SAP's new programming model for implementing applications. It breaks with old traditions and relies on a completely new type of technology. The SAP GUI has already been discontinued by SAP and we are fully committed to Fiori as the front end.



After the introduction to the topic of RAP, we developed the first app and introduced you to the basics of the programming model. How do you build the object, how do you design the UI and how can you call the service at the end to see the preview.



In the next section, we expanded the object and enriched it with additional logic. In doing so, we discussed the various options for extending a RAP business object. It is also about functions that extend the app and not just the RAP object.



After the extension was completed, it was about further comfort functions, with which the standard was enriched. The draft allows working on datasets without active storage, the user can even change the device during editing.


Unit Test

For a stable and extensible RAP object, a developer also needs a safety net so that existing functions are preserved during expansion. We have shown you how to implement tests with ABAP Unit for the object and the service unit.



How is it going now? We showed you roughly how RAP works and what you can do with it. In future articles we want to go into the functions of BTP and the ABAP environment, but we will no longer summarize them under RAP. How do you actually create the app and deploy it to a system? We will pursue these questions as well as the question of more complex objects and how to deal with on-premise systems.



The series for a simple app is finished, but in the near future we will publish a lot of content in the field of BTP and RAP, especially when it comes to working with it. For us, the generation of the app falls within the BTP area and is therefore not part of the RAP series.

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