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ABAP BOPF data model
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ABAP - BOPF data model


Today we want to show you the finished data model of our BOPF and how we created the individual structures and tables.

In the last BOPF article from the series we defined a single node and also the different structures. In today's article, we would like to introduce you to the finished data model and how we defined the individual nodes.


Data model

The model consists of different levels of nodes and our root node is the contract that has different entities under it. Directly under the contract are the conditions, the partners and the rules/agreements. Under the various conditions there are still notes and discounts.



As you can already see in the description of the tables, they were automatically generated by the framework. The description can be adjusted at any time to meet your standard definitions. The first three fields of each table has the same key and other auxiliary fields that are included into the table through a structure.

  • KEY - Key of the entry in the current table
  • PARENT_KEY - Key to the next higher level
  • ROOT_KEY - Key of the root node



Constants Interface

The interface ZIF_TST_BOPF_C contains all constants for access to the data model. The interface is regenerated every time the data model changes because it includes the fields as well as the structures and nodes as generated GUIDs. The interface is needed for all accesses to the data model and is therefore a central component of BOPF.



Our data model is kept very small for testing purposes and should only show you the different levels and structures and how to read them later and access them. In later articles, we'll go further into the topic and show you the ways to access the data.

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BOPFData model
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