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Social Media

Mainly we write articles and tutorials on the blog to have everything in one place. But some ideas are too short to be properly expressed in an article. There are various other channels on which we are active to provide you with the latest content and thoughts.


RSS Feed

Do you like to collect all the articles in your feed reader and don't want to order a newsletter from us? Then the feed is just right for you. In most cases, your browser will already suggest that there is a feed on our blog:


The image is an example using the RSS Feed Reader, a Chrome plugin. If this is not the case, you can find our feed here (language dependent): Link to feed


Twitter / X

If you would like to hear some of our thoughts, then just check out our Twitter / X account @SwHeroes and follow it so you don't miss any more news. Here we regularly post the latest articles and other additional content that you won't find on our blog.



If you are often on LinkedIn, you can follow my profile to get the latest news and information.

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We are now also available on Mastodon and regularly post new content there. You can find our profile via the link and follow us easily.