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DSAG Annual Congress 2023

Category - ABAP

This year's DSAG Annual Congress is over, we have heard a lot and we want to share our impressions with you.


RAP - Generator (Fiori)

Category - ABAP

In this article we will look at the more complex RAP generator as a Fiori Elements application and what advantages you have with it.


RAP - Generator (ADT)

Category - ABAP

Today, let's take a look at the RAP Generator, which is already integrated into ABAP Development Tools, and how you can use it to easily build new RAP apps.


Software Heroes - 5 year anniversary

Category - General

We started this blog about 5 years ago and would like to celebrate the anniversary with you today. What has changed in the 5 years, where was the focus and what did not work so well.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (CDS Analysis)

Category - ABAP

In the complex world of CDS views, it is important to have the right tool at hand to ensure an analysis of the structures and data sources.


RAP - Unmanaged (Remote)

Category - ABAP

Here you can learn more about the unmanaged RAP object with a remote data source and how you can implement such scenarios.


RAP - Unmanaged (Local)

Category - ABAP

In this article an example for the implementation of an unmanaged RAP object based on a locally available API.


RAP - Unmanaged Scenario

Category - ABAP

In this article we will go into the theory of the unmanaged approach and how it is implemented in the ABAP RESTful Programming Model.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Feed Reader)

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at the analysis capabilities in the ADTs and how to find dumps and other information from the system.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Split Screen)

Category - ABAP

In this article, we look at working with large resources and how you can increase the capacity of Eclipse with the ADTs.


RAP - Send mail

Category - ABAP

After we made the configuration in the last article, this time we will send an email and look at the specifics with RAP.


BTP - Connect Office365 Mail

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to look at how we connect and configure an Office365 mail server to the ABAP environment.


RAP - Search

Category - ABAP

In this article we deal with the generic search for RAP objects and how we can also interpret incorrect entries.


RAP - Virtual Elements

Category - ABAP

There are virtual elements around the projections, we show you how to use and implement them to extend your RAP object.


RAP - UI Annotations (Part 2)

Category - ABAP

Let's look again at the structure of the UI annotations for the complex entity and what we can influence with them.


RAP - EML (Part 2)

Category - ABAP

Controlling complex RAP entities with the Entity Manipulation Language is what this article is about and how you work with deep nodes.


RAP - Complex entity

Category - ABAP

Let's look at a RAP application with two entities and how they are connected. We mainly focus on the differences.


ABAP Tools - Plugin ABAP Cleaner

Category - ABAP

Tired of formatting code and your colleague always does it completely differently? Today we present the ABAP Cleaner plugin, which takes a lot of work off your hands.


ABAP Development Days 2023

Category - ABAP

The ABAP Development Days ended this week, in this article we want to give you an insight into the innovations and our impressions.


ABAP Quick - CLEAR right

Category - ABAP

Delete correctly? In this article we want to take a look at when it makes sense to delete and how you can do it effectively.


Modernize your ABAP

Category - ABAP

What is behind this somewhat provocative statement and how can you gradually get to modern ABAP? Everything in this article.


ABAP Quick - Performance chained statements

Category - ABAP

Let's take a look at the performance when creating chained statements with DATA and FIELD-SYMBOL. Which variant will be ahead in terms of performance?


Code vs. Vacancy

Category - ABAP

We came across a current job posting on LinkedIn that made us smile. In this article, we reverse engineer them.


ABAP Deep Dive - FOR (Loops)

Category - ABAP

Let's take a closer look at the FOR loop. How does it work? What do I have to consider and what can I do with it?


ABAP Unit - TDF (Function Double)

Category - ABAP

In this article, let's take a look at how we can deal with function modules as dependencies without testing them as well.


RAP - Custom Entity

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at a special form of entities in the RAP model and how we can use them.


DSAG Technology Days 2023

Category - ABAP

What is the latest news from the world of SAP technology? In this article we take a look behind the two days and what is new.


BTP - Connect on-premise (Function module)

Category - ABAP

Here we look at the connection of a function module in the ABAP environment and how you can call it.


BTP - Access methods On-Premise (OData)

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at the other access methods to an OData service via the proxy classes.


BTP - Connect on-premise (OData)

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at how we can connect and call an on-premise OData interface to the ABAP environment.


BTP - Fiori Elements App (Deployment)

Category - ABAP

In this article we take care of the deployment of the Fiori Elements App in the ABAP Environment and the setup of the permissions.


BTP - Fiori Elements App (Creation)

Category - ABAP

Today we will go into the creation of the Fiori Elements app in the BAS and what needs to be considered.


BTP - Business Application Studio

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to take a look at the Business Application Studio, BAS for short, and explain the most important functions.


ABAP Deep Dive - Table access (internal)

Category - ABAP

In this article, let's take a look at table access to internal tables and how they replace READ TABLE.


RAP - Build a simple app

Category - ABAP

In the RAP series, we looked at how to build a simple app with RAP, design the interface and test everything with a preview. Here's a little recap.


RAP - ABAP Unit (Service)

Category - ABAP

How do you actually test the service of an interface or RAP app automatically? In this article we look at unit tests for OData services.


RAP - ABAP Unit (Business Object)

Category - ABAP

At this point, we'll take a look at how we can test our RAP Business Object automatically in order to check all important functions at the touch of a button.


ABAP Developer still relevant

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at whether ChatGPT can already replace an ABAP developer or whether it can be used as a help in everyday life.


Year review 2022

Category - General

Today we look back on the past year 2022 and what has been driving us around on the blog this year.



Category - ABAP

In this article, we'll take a look at the new FINAL language construct, how it works, and what you can do with it.


RAP - Draft (Part 2)

Category - ABAP

The second part on the subject of draft handling in RAP objects is about better displaying the draft status at the individual positions in the list.


RAP - Draft

Category - ABAP

In this article you will learn more about draft handling within a business object and how to implement it on an existing object.


RAP - Feature Control

Category - ABAP

This article is about the Feature Control, a mechanism to dynamically enable or disable features in the RAP based on the state of the object.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Project Explorer)

Category - ABAP

In this article, we'll take a look at the Project Explorer, how you use it and what hidden functions it has.


ABAP Quick - Adobe Forms too big

Category - ABAP

In this little tip we want to look at why, in the worst case, Adobe forms become larger than they should be.


ABAP Deep Dive - VALUE

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to look at the value statement again in all its forms and how you can use it in your daily work.


Autumn 2022 - ABAP and SAP events

Category - ABAP

What about events and opportunities for ABAP and SAP in autumn 2022? Here are a few suggestions for events you can attend.


ABAP - Common Table Expression (CTE)

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to take a look at the general table expression WITH and how you can use it in everyday life.


RAP - Numbering

Category - ABAP

In this article we will take a look at automatic number assignment and how we can assign numbers ourselves in the case of the partner app.


RAP - Messages

Category - ABAP

Let's take a look at the different possibilities of messages in the environment of Fiori Elements and how they work together.


RAP - Popup

Category - ABAP

How do we get a popup with RAP to send more input to the framework? You will find out that and more in this article.


RAP - Search help

Category - ABAP

In this article we will look at how we enrich fields in the RAP Business Object UI with search helps.


RAP - Action (Part 2)

Category - ABAP

The second part for the actions in RAP follows, in which we want to go into further details in the use and to show special cases.



Category - ABAP

In this article, a little more about the new Corresponding Statement and how to use it in detail. Let's take a look at the additional features.


RAP - Action

Category - ABAP

In this article, we'll take a look at actions, how they are structured, and what they actually do with the RAP Business Object.


ABAP - Step

Category - ABAP

Today a new addition for the loops and how you can use it. With Step you have the possibility to skip steps in a loop.


RAP - Determination

Category - ABAP

How is data automatically derived and enriched in the ABAP RESTful Programming Model? We will look into this question in this article.


RAP - Validation

Category - ABAP

Let's take a look at the validations in the RAP Business Object and how they are implemented in the framework.


RAP - Projection

Category - ABAP

In this article, we'll rebuild our example a bit and add the typical projection layer used to render the app.


RAP - Entity Manipulation Language (EML)

Category - ABAP

In this article we deal with a new language construct to access our RAP Business Object.


CDS - View Entity

Category - ABAP

In this article you will learn more about the new Core Data Service entities, what they bring and what makes them different from the old views.


RAP - UI Annotations

Category - ABAP

Today we look at how we can enrich the Fiori Elements with standard elements in order to get a finished app straight away.


RAP - Simple Object

Category - ABAP

In this article we build a simple business object and show you how the framework works.


RAP - Introduction

Category - ABAP

The ABAP RESTful Programming Model will be the programming model of the future in the ABAP area, in this article we will look at the meaning, use and structure.


ABAP - ALV still relevant in 2022?

Category - ABAP

Today the joking question, do we still need reports that generate ALV outputs in 2022? In this article, we want to look into this question.


ABAP in Change

Category - ABAP

The programming language ABAP has been changing for years and is being modernized in various concepts. In this article, we'll look at it in detail.


ABAP Quick - Clean Core

Category - ABAP

In this article something about Clean Core, what does it mean for the developer, what are the requirements and what do you have to pay attention to.


CDS - Learnings

Category - ABAP

In this article we summarize the learned content and show you the way for what you will need the CDS Views in the future.


CDS - Virtual fields

Category - ABAP

This article is about virtual fields in Core Data Services and how you can subsequently deliver such complex data.


ABAP Development Days 2022

Category - ABAP

This year's ABAP Development Days of the DSAG are over, we'll tell you what's new to see.


CDS - Authority check

Category - ABAP

How and where are the permissions for a Core Data Service delimited? Check out this article for the details.


CDS - Extension of Views

Category - ABAP

This article is about the extension of views to include customer-specific fields or to provide missing information.


DSAG Technology Days 2022

Category - ABAP

The DSAG Technology Days 2022 are over, what was there to see and what were the new announcements this year?


CDS - Performance

Category - ABAP

What is the access performance when using Core Data Services, can you make mistakes?


CDS - Conversion routine

Category - ABAP

This article is about easy currency and quantity conversion directly in Core Data Services.


CDS - Parameter

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at parameters in Core Data Services and how they can make your life easier or harder.


CDS - Aggregation

Category - ABAP

How can Core Data Services deliver the most value? The views shine especially with aggregations and code pushdown.


CDS - Association

Category - ABAP

This article is about associations, which provide functionality similar to joins. But we will show you what the differences are.


CDS - Join, Union

Category - ABAP

In today's article, we'll take a look at linking data and views and how you can generate new amounts of data from them.


CDS - Functions

Category - ABAP

In this article we deal with the functions in the CDS area and how you should primarily use them, but also where they help you.


CDS - Data model

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to introduce you to the data model that we will be working with in the future. You should be able to use it as well.


CDS - View structure

Category - ABAP

In this article, we want to give you an understanding of the structure and functionality of a CDS view. What does a view look like and how does it work.


CDS - Annotations

Category - ABAP

Annotations are an important part of CDS views, even if they don't seem to have any real function at first glance.


CDS - Virtual data model

Category - ABAP

The virtual data model is an important part of the S/4 landscape and serves as the basis for Fiori applications and applications within the system.


CDS - Basics

Category - ABAP

Core data services are indispensable in an S/4 system, they form logical access to data and offer new ways of translating known tables.


Difference between R/4 and S/4

Category - ABAP

In this article we will show you the differences between an R/3 system and a new S/4 HANA. What should you look at and what is actually changing.


ABAP - What's next

Category - ABAP

In this article, we want to look ahead to the year and what it will bring to you as a developer. A small preview of our core topics.


ABAP - Text, String, Template

Category - ABAP

How do I use character strings in modern ABAP development and how do they behave together with inline declarations. We also look at errors that can happen with it.


ABAP Quick - Processing in a new task

Category - ABAP

This tip is about asynchronous processing in a new process and what to look out for.


Year review 2021

Category - General

The year 2021 is coming to an end and, like every year, we want to give a little review of the past year and what has happened on our side.


ABAP Environment - Development

Category - ABAP

At this point we want to go into the development process in the ABAP environment and how the development differs from the classic development in R/3 or S/4 on-premise.


ABAP Environment - Steampunk

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to introduce you to the ABAP environment or ABAP in the cloud and how it works. In the end, we also look at the added value of such a solution.


ABAP Quick - Convert JSON to internal

Category - ABAP

In this little tip, we'll go into how you can convert a JSON stream to an internal format and then use it properly.


ABAP Quick - External currency to internal

Category - ABAP

A little tip to convert data from an Excel or CSV file into the correct internal currency format. A simple conversion can quickly lead to errors.


Start as ABAP developer

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to deal with the question of what a beginner in ABAP development should learn at all.


ABAP OO - Method interface

Category - ABAP

What should method interfaces currently look like and how do you achieve this? In this article we will clarify the question.


ABAP Unit - Tips

Category - ABAP

At the end of the series, a few tips that we would like to give you along the way. This is about shortcuts and general information about the tests.


ABAP Unit - Software architecture

Category - ABAP

What could the target architecture look like in a SAP system if we look at our own software components? We want to clarify this in this article.


ABAP Unit - Testable Code (Part 3)

Category - ABAP

Here we take a closer look at the options for deactivating dependent components in your own coding during the test period.


ABAP Unit - Testable Code (Part 2)

Category - ABAP

This article is about test isolation and how it makes our code more testable.


SAP TechEd 2021

Category - ABAP

Registration for TechEd 2021 has started and, like last year, the event is 100% online and free for you.


ABAP Unit - Testable Code (Part 1)

Category - ABAP

In this article, we'll look at how you can cleanly implement new functions in older code and then test it.


ABAP Unit - Test OData

Category - ABAP

This article is about the testability of OData Services and how you can use it to test interfaces quickly and easily.


ABAP Unit - TDF (Test Double)

Category - ABAP

This article is about switching off the Depend-On Component and how you can easily test such components.


ABAP Unit - TDF (CDS Double)

Category - ABAP

This article is about the test of Core Data Services and how you can switch off the test doubles with the help of the TDF.


ABAP Unit - TDF (SQL Double)

Category - ABAP

In this article we take a closer look at the SQL Double and how you can gain independence from the database.


ABAP Unit - Test framework

Category - ABAP

This article is about testing private methods and simply disabling dependent on components in code.


ABAP Unit - Structure of test cases

Category - ABAP

In this article we will take a look at how a test case in ABAP Unit should be structured in order to be easy to read and still is well structured.


ABAP OO - Chaining and casting

Category - ABAP

This article is about the chaining of method and object calls, we would also like to explain the background to casting to you.


ABAP Unit - Analysis

Category - ABAP

This article is about the analysis of the test cases that we have written, how do we get the necessary information and how we can interpret it.


ABAP Unit - Legacy objects

Category - ABAP

This article is about so-called legacy code and how you can use ABAP Unit there too. However, we can only recommend this type to a limited extent.


ABAP Unit - Basics

Category - ABAP

This article covers the basics of implementing unit tests with ABAP. At this point we want to give you a brief overview.


ABAP OO - Data Access Object (DAO)

Category - ABAP

In this article we take a look at the DAOs, what you can do with them and how they support you.


ABAP OO - Constant interface

Category - ABAP

The use of constants in object-oriented programming is standard for most classes. Today we're going to show you a simple example of overarching objects.


ABAP OO - Exception classes

Category - ABAP

Today we look at the different exception classes and how you can create and use your own exception classes.


ABAP OO - Exception Handling

Category - ABAP

What about error handling in object-oriented programming? We want to address this question in this article.


Flutter - Finance Overview (Framework)

Category - Flutter

Before we actually start developing the app, we will first work on the second version of the SwH framework in order to create a reusable basis.


ABAP Quick - Creation of test data

Category - ABAP

What challenges do you have when setting up test tables and test data and how can machine processing help you?


ABAP OO - Redefinition and Getter/Setter

Category - ABAP

In this article we look at the topic of redefinition and how getters and setters can help you with uniform interfaces.


Flutter - Finance Overview (Data)

Category - Flutter

Today we are talking about the data model of the app in the first preview, the design of the API and the challenges involved.


ABAP OO - Interface and abstract class

Category - ABAP

We had already introduced you to inheritance in ABAP OO and are now looking at interfaces and abstract classes and how they help you with modeling.


ABAP OO - Dynamic, Static, Super

Category - ABAP

In this article we want to show you the difference between dynamic and static classes and what you can do with them. We also look at the various constructors.


Flutter - Finance Overview (Project)

Category - Flutter

We start a new project and take you through the various stages from planning to development to release. In this article the explanation of what stands behind the project.


ABAP Unit Quick Guide

Category - ABAP

Our current e-book is now available on Amazon, we would like to briefly show you what you can expect in the book and what it will bring you in the end.


DSAG Developer Days 2021

Category - ABAP

The developer days are over and there were again many perspectives on the technologies of the future, but also on many new things that already work today.


ABAP - Predicative Method Call

Category - ABAP

Due to the OO concept, own methods are usually used for complex queries. This article is about comparing the result from such methods.


ABAP OO - Class and Inheritance

Category - ABAP

In the next part of the ABAP OO basics we want to show you the basic concept of the class and its characteristics, as well as the inheritance between the individual objects.


ABAP OO - Basics

Category - ABAP

In this article we take a look at the basics of development in the object-oriented area and start a small series of articles.


ABAP Quick - RFC Buffer

Category - ABAP

Here is a little tip from us about what can go wrong with the buffer when reading via RFC and what you should definitely pay attention to.


ABAP - Outlook new articles

Category - ABAP

Today a short look at the upcoming topics in the ABAP area and what we have planned for the series.


ABAP - Naming conventions

Category - ABAP

How important is it nowadays to adhere to naming conventions or even to use naming conventions in the modern ABAP environment? We want to look at that in this article.


ABAP - Performance for the SELECT

Category - ABAP

In this article we will look at a few special cases with the SELECT and examine the performance of these constructs. We'll show you the current alternatives and give you little tips while reading.



Category - ABAP

This article is about the scheduling of jobs with the help of the class CL_BP_ABAP_JOB and why it is better to use the class than the function modules.


ABAP - Check objects (Instances)

Category - ABAP

In this article we will show you how you can analyze instances and react to them correctly, for example if you hand them over during processing and want to react individually.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Transport)

Category - ABAP

In this article we enter the work with transports within Eclipse and show you the previous possibilities of the tool to support you.


ABAP Quick - Wait for task

Category - ABAP

Today a tip for asynchronous processing or if you want to put processing in a separate task in special situations. What happens afterwards?


Flutter - #FlutterEngage

Category - Flutter

The FlutterEngage event is over and there was again a lot of helpful and interesting information for all Flutter developers among us. We want to briefly summarize the most important points here.


ABAP Quick - Performance INSERT vs VALUE

Category - ABAP

In this article we take a look at the performance of the insert operations APPEND, INSERT and VALUE with regard to tables and evaluate the performance and stability during development.


ABAP - Loops

Category - ABAP

With New ABAP, new loops and possibilities for restricting table contents were created. We'll take a closer look at these new commands in this article.


ABAP - Comparison

Category - ABAP

Today we'll look at comparisons and comparison operators in terms of the new commands and their current usage. What has changed so far and what should still be done?


DSAG Technology Days 2021

Category - ABAP

This year's Technology Days are over, we have seen a lot of lectures and here you can get our collective feedback on the content.


Flutter - Learning source

Category - Flutter

In this article we want to introduce you to some current learning sources that you can use as inspiration and for further education. Here we will mainly deal with YouTube channels and present some.


ABAP - String Functions (Part 3)

Category - ABAP

This article is about other new string functions and a replacement for CONDENSE. We would like to show you why you should use the new functions.



Category - ABAP

Selecting via an internal table used to be realized with many lines of code, but today it also works practically via the select.



Category - ABAP

Collected information about the user and the system was previously only obtained from the SYST structure. There is now a class that provides much of this informations.


ABAP - Skills of the future (Community Call)

Category - ABAP

One of the last SAP community calls was about the topic of must-learn skills for the near future. We'll give you a brief summary of what happened.


Year review 2020

Category - General

Even if the year was determined by COVID-19, we have implemented some innovations and articles on our site. You can find out what exactly happened here.


Play Cyberpunk 2077 on Shadow

Category - Technology

The hardware requirements of Cyberpunk 2077 are not really low, so you quickly have to decide to upgrade your PC or to look for other alternatives.


ABAP - Use new statements

Category - ABAP

With new ABAP, many new language constructs and expressions were introduced in ABAP. So why switch to this one when the old ones are more familiar?



Category - ABAP

APPEND already has a long history in ABAP, but this will play less and less of a role in the future. We'll show you why.


ABAP - Enumeration

Category - ABAP

Enumerations are used in development to restrict the possibilities for a variable and now also work in ABAP and method interfaces.


ABAP - Work with references

Category - ABAP

Working with references is usually not as widespread in ABAP as working with field symbols. We would like to show you the most important purposes and uses.


SAP TechEd 2020

Category - ABAP

Registration for this year's TechEd has started, this time completely as an online event and free of charge for everyone. So why not invest the days in December sensibly?


ABAP - Class Runner (Console Application)

Category - ABAP

Regardless of whether it is an application in the cloud or an easy program to quickly do a few tests and generate an output, a console application will support you.


ABAP - BOPF Quick Guide (Update)

Category - ABAP

A little update to our book that we published. For all people who find the paperless office boring.


Flutter - Websites

Category - Flutter

The creation of websites and PWAs has been in beta for quite a while, today we're going to show you a small productive example.


ABAP Unit - Introduction

Category - ABAP

Today is about a somewhat longer introduction to the topic of unit tests and ABAP Units and what you can imagine by them.


ABAP - Refactoring of legacy code (2)

Category - ABAP

This is about the second part of the refactoring series. We'll show you the final steps to convert the old coding into a new form.


ABAP - Refactoring of legacy code (1)

Category - ABAP

Do you want to completely revise an old report or should you transfer it to a new system because you are currently doing a HANA migration? No problem, we'll show you a few steps how to do it.


ABAP - BOPF Quick Guide

Category - ABAP

You need a quick introduction to the SAP Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF), we have the right guide for you here.


ABAP - Skills of the future

Category - ABAP

As an ABAP developer, what skills will you need in the future and what can you learn from topics today? In this article we will show you where the journey is going.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (data analysis)

Category - ABAP

This is about the analysis of table data in the system and the use of the SQL Console in the ABAP Development Tools.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Debugging)

Category - ABAP

Debugging in Eclipse? We'll show you what to look out for and how you can make the switch as quickly as possible in order to become as efficient as in the GUI.


Flutter Day 2020

Category - Flutter

The Flutter Day 2020 is over and we will briefly summarize the most important of the day and provide you with the resources.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Refactoring)

Category - ABAP

Today's article is about working with Eclipse and how you can efficiently and quickly refactor your source code.


ABAP Tools - Work with Eclipse (Search)

Category - ABAP

In this small series we want to bring you closer to working with Eclipse and show the advantages for the speed of development.


ABAP Tools - Why switching to ADT?

Category - ABAP

Why should you switch to the ABAP Development Tools today? We want to bring this closer to you in this article.


ABAP Obsolete - Assignment and calculation

Category - ABAP

How does it actually work with the assignments and the calculation in ABAP? Here you will find out the current language constructs and what you should avoid.


ABAP Obsolete - Ranges and Headers

Category - ABAP

Generate a decent range for an interface? Tables with or without header lines? We show you what is still possible and what you should rather be.


Flutter - Game Development

Category - Flutter

Flutter has many advantages for the rapid development of simple apps, but can the framework also be used to develop games?


Flutter - Develop own packages (Part 2)

Category - Flutter

In the continuation of the series, we deal with the testing and further development of our own darts package from the last article.


Flutter - Develop own packages (Part 1)

Category - Flutter

This article is about developing your own package in Flutter and using it in your projects so you don't always have to copy code to the next project.


ABAP Tools - Installation ADT

Category - ABAP

How do you install the development environment on the system and does it really have to be an installation? We clarify this question in this article.


ABAP Quick - Search in source code

Category - ABAP

Sometimes it is necessary to search through different source codes in one system. We show you how it works in the SAP GUI and in Eclipse.


Flutter - CodePen

Category - Flutter

In the last article about Flutter we showed you some news about the DartPad. Today there is some news to try out the framework.


ABAP Tools - SE80

Category - ABAP

Today we will show you a few features of the SE80 that can help you very well through everyday life and that you may not have known yet.


ABAP Tools - Workbench

Category - ABAP

The ABAP Workbench was the most important tool for the ABAP developer for many years, today we will show you a little bit history of tools.


ABAP - BOPF Eclipse

Category - ABAP

Can you also develop BOPF in Eclipse? Here we show you how well the search and navigation works in the system.


ABAP - BOPF Performance

Category - ABAP

What about the performance when accessing BOPF? We want to investigate this question today.


ABAP Quick - Icons

Category - ABAP

Find icons in SAP and use them correctly? Here is a small guide on how to use the images for different purposes.


ABAP Quick - Classes and Dynpros

Category - ABAP

How do you best use local classes and screens with each other? And does the whole thing actually make sense?


ABAP - BOPF Helper methods

Category - ABAP

The framework provides you with various methods and objects that are intended to simplify use.


ABAP - BOPF Custom Query

Category - ABAP

Do you need your own high-performance selection for your BOPF data? Then write your own query for it today.


App Update January 2020

Category - Apps

The updates for our apps are out, we will show you briefly what has changed in January.


ABAP - BOPF Authorization

Category - ABAP

The implementation of your own authorizations is also possible with BOPF, we will show you how you can easily implement this.


ABAP - BOPF Interface

Category - ABAP

The interfaces that BOPF provides are an important part of interacting with the model. We'll show you some important ones today.


ABAP Quick - Transport ALV variants

Category - ABAP

In this small article we show you some tips regarding ALVs, variants and the distribution in the system.


App Planner on GooglePlay

Category - Apps

Our latest app for planning further app projects is now in the Google Play Store and can also be used by you.


Year review 2019

Category - General

The year 2019 is coming to an end and we want to give you a brief review of the topics of this year.


ABAP - BOPF Manager

Category - ABAP

BOPF provides so-called managers, which you need for working with BOPF. We'll show you what they can and what they do.


Flutter - New DartPad

Category - Flutter

The new DartPad was presented at Flutter Interact '19. We'll show you what the new features are and how you can best use them.


ABAP Quick - Extract icon from list

Category - ABAP

You want to separate an icon from a printed list or a printed ALV? With us you are in the right place to get this knowledge.


ABAP - BOPF Action

Category - ABAP

You need additional processes on your data model? Today we show you how to publicize simple actions to the outside world and users of your model.


ABAP - BOPF Validation

Category - ABAP

What's the easiest way to keep your data model clean? The simple answer you will learn today.


ABAP - BOPF Determination

Category - ABAP

What about derived data that does not stand in the database? We want to pursue this question in today's article.



Category - ABAP

Again we have for you a most used ABAP term for which there is already a new alternative, this time not just one alternative.


ABAP - BOPF Queries

Category - ABAP

After creating the test data, we had some minor difficulties reading the data. Today we will show you the solution for this problem.


ABAP- BOPF Creating test data

Category - ABAP

To test the functions and the model, we fill in the article the BOPF with the first test data. How it works, we'll show you today.


ABAP - BOPF data model

Category - ABAP

Today we want to show you the finished data model of our BOPF and how we created the individual structures and tables.


Resource Monitor on GooglePlay

Category - Apps

The beta version of the Resource Monitor is now launched on Google Play, we'll show you our first impressions and the finalization of the app.


Flutter - Everthing is a Widget

Category - Flutter

Actually, everything is a widget in Flutter, the basic principle we will briefly explain in today's article and show you an example.


ABAP Quick - Where-Used list messages

Category - ABAP

When working with BAPIs and messages, it usually comes to a loss of searchability in the use of messages because they are firmly created in structures.



Category - ABAP

Type pools are obsolete, but the use continues. How best to deal with it in the future, you will find out here today.


Flutter - One code, many platforms

Category - Flutter

You are looking for a programming language to cover as many different platforms as possible? Today we introduce you the right framework.


ABAP - BOPF Define a node

Category - ABAP

Today it is about the definition of a node in the data model, which structures are defined and what does that mean in detail. More in the article.


ABAP Quick - Read table with RFC

Category - ABAP

Reading in a table via RFC function module is very easy, if you create a specific module for it. Reading any table can be just as easy.


ABAP - BOPF structure

Category - ABAP

How is a business object constructed and structured, what can you do on one node and how does it influence the whole model? We clarify this in this article.


ABAP Obsolete - Create GUID

Category - ABAP

How do you create a unique identification (ID) in the system? You probably know the answer, but is it still up to date?



Category - ABAP

In this article, we'll introduce you to the tools for creating, editing, and testing the BOPF so you can start developing your own business objects soon.


ABAP - BOPF General

Category - ABAP

Start of a new series about BOPF of SAP. What is it about and how can you use it effectively for yourself? You will learn this from us.


ABAP Quick - Editable popup

Category - ABAP

Have you ever searched for an easy way to view and change your data? Here you can find out how easy it will be for you in the future.


ABAP Quick - Classes for an interface

Category - ABAP

Read and validate all implementing classes for an interface. We'll show you how to do it easily and use it dynamically.


ABAP Quick - Backup for reports

Category - ABAP

Save your own reports locally with one click? In this article, we'll show you how to do that without much effort.


ABAP Quick - Min/max values of data types

Category - ABAP

Sometimes it is important to know the maximum limits of a data type before assigning a value to them. We show you today in our tip how it works.


ABAP Quick - Create POST Request

Category - ABAP

How can you easily create a POST request on a domain and process the result? We'll show you how the REST connection works very easily.



Category - Apps

Our new app for managing your measurements is now available. We'll briefly show you the most important features and what you need the app for.


ABAP - String functions (Part 2)

Category - ABAP

There are many new inline functions in New ABAP. We want to deal with those for string processing today and show you some advantages.


Wikipedia not available (Article 11/13)

Category - Web

Wikipedia was not available in Europe today. This is a reminder against the plans of the European Union for the adoption of Articles 11 and 13.


The crux with the passwords

Category - Web

Creating a secure password could be a lot easier, but many websites do not meet the requirements. We show you why!


ABAP Quick - Dynamic method calls

Category - ABAP

Not always is a direct method call, that brings you to your goal. Maybe you want to bring some dynamism in your programming, in addition to our today's tip.


ABAP - String templates (Part 1)

Category - ABAP

The processing and creation of strings has been adjusted once more by SAP. The new structure of the strings is now easier and offers many advantages.


DSAG Technology Days 2019

Category - ABAP

The Technology Days for this year are over. What impressions remain for us and what is the current status for the field of SAP and ABAP?


ABAP Quick - Loop at Groups

Category - ABAP

Sometimes you want to loop through certain groups of a determined amount of data. With today's command we want to show you a simple method from the standard and a custom one.


Password security - A life after collection#1 - #5

Category - Web

One of the largest collections of account data, email addresses and passwords has appeared on the internet. What can you do and can you really defend yourself against such hacks?


ABAP Quick - Popup to all users

Category - ABAP

Here's a quick tip on how you can read all current users who are logged into the system, what they are doing and how you can send them a personal message.


Our first app

Category - Apps

The first app was published on the App Store and focuses on -Drinking Water- and how it can help you save money.


ABAP - Internal tables (example)

Category - ABAP

Performance when accessing internal tables may vary depending on access. How to check your data and the times, we'll show you in this article.


ABAP - Internal tables (performance)

Category - ABAP

The second part for the topic internal tables, their processing and performance in accessing the data. Today with a focus on performance in reading the data.


Review of the year 2018

Category - General

What did the year 2018 bring us here? In addition, a small review of the past and what we have done everything.


ABAP - Internal tables (read)

Category - ABAP

New functions and commands have been implemented for accessing internal tables. How these work and what to consider, we show you here.


ABAP Obsolete - Add

Category - ABAP

In today's article, we'll look at the obsolete language element Add, how the replacement looks like and what we like or dislike about it.


ABAP Quick - Ping system

Category - ABAP

In today's tip, we show you how to test an RFC connection to another system before using it. This will allow you to verify if the connection is available and works.


ABAP - Corresponding and Value

Category - ABAP

The two expressions focus primarily on creating structures and moving data content in the context of tables. We want to show you today the two statements and which commands they replace.


ABAP - New, Cast, Conv

Category - ABAP

Many of the new expressions are so-called constructor expressions. What exactly that means for you and what it brings you find out here in our article.


ABAP Quick - Random numbers

Category - ABAP

How do you create a neatly working random number generator in ABAP? We show you in this little article and what you should pay attention to.


ABAP Quick - Compare tables

Category - ABAP

Imagine you are currently implementing an ALV with editing functions and would like to compare what has changed after editing by the user? No problem, we'll show you a quick and easy solution.


ABAP Quick - Callstack

Category - ABAP

Sometimes you want to know where you stand or just to make sure that the program or the method was called at the right time? We help you out with this simple implementation.


ABAP Obsolete - Call Method

Category - ABAP

Of course, the obsolete command does not mean the use of classes, but rather the use of additional commands to call and use methods.


ABAP - Structuring a report

Category - ABAP

What's next after the virtual end of the form? How should you build a report, what should be considered and what is there for useful things. More you can read in this article.


ABAP - The new Select

Category - ABAP

The customization of the ABAP language also has implications and improvements for the well-known and important Select. In this article we want to briefly describe what has changed and what you get for benefits.


ABAP Obsolete - Form

Category - ABAP

When you are buidling a report in SAP the first thing you will need is a usefull structure, this is why many devolpers use Form for this. But what can you do now to replace this obsolete term.



Category - ABAP

Automated updating of lists, logs or status indicators? No problem for you with our little tip for a simple automation with a SAP standard class.


ABAP - New escape characters

Category - ABAP

If you should have the new symbols @ and # somewhere in the code, you do not have to despair immediately, we will help you understand the new logic.


ABAP Obsolete - Refresh

Category - ABAP

The refresh function has been obsolete for quite some time, which function is actually helpfull? Refresh, Clear or Free, what do you need when?


ABAP - Obsolete and other series

Category - ABAP

In addition to the topics New ABAP and the innovations in SAP development, of course, other areas are addressed, such as outdated language elements. For this a few new series.


ABAP - Rules for data definition

Category - ABAP

For the inline declaration of variables, there are special rules to watch out for. We want to give you a closer look in this article.


ABAP - Inline declaration (DATA)

Category - ABAP

Creating data types at runtime and in coding? Now it's no problem with inline declarations.



Category - ABAP

Why actually New ABAP or Modern ABAP? The attempt of a short explanation.


Our Content

Category - General

We would like to briefly introduce you to our most important points and contents in this first post. Look forward to many exciting and interesting content around the topic of development and more.