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ABAP BOPF Interface
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ABAP - BOPF Interface


The interfaces that BOPF provides are an important part of interacting with the model. We'll show you some important ones today.

When working with BOPF, you will inevitably come across the interfaces that are available and use them to read or change data. Today we are going to familiarize you with the names and uses so that you can use them efficiently and instinctively.



As usage, we want to introduce two interfaces that you will probably see more often in the end during the BOPF development. The first image relates to the EXECUTE method of the action. Whenever you implement an action, you will get this interface:


The second picture relates to a determination. No parameters structure is passed and no return data are filled. Here you should only work with the data that is available in the BOPF and field contents are adjusted.



When using BOPF you will always come across the same variables and interfaces, in this section we want to go into the typical variables and names.

  • Structure
  • Information to the business objekt, node and relationship


  • Table
  • Selected keys (without data)


  • Object
  • Used to read data
  • Method RETRIEVE - Read data
  • Method RETRIEVE_BY_ASSOCIATION - Read above association


  • Object
  • Used to change data
  • Method DO_ACTION - Trigger an action
  • Method DO_MODIFY - Change some data


  • Object 
  • Used to query some data


  • Field
  • Indicator whether return data should only be the keys or also data
  • in most cases the keys are enough (performance)


  • Object
  • Created messages


  • Table
  • Bad keys
  • e.g. from authorization check or when accessing


  • Table
  • Data from BOPF
  • Type depends on the current node



As soon as you know the variables and names that are used, you can recognize the possible actions for them more quickly and use the data for you. The names you will see again and again during use and they will offer you useful information.

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