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ABAP Unit Quick Guide
Created by Software-Heroes

ABAP Unit Quick Guide

Our current e-book is now available on Amazon, we would like to briefly show you what you can expect in the book and what it will bring you in the end.


We are happy to announce that our latest e-book is now available. You can order the electronic version or the paper version via Amazon and support us in our work. The book is available on all common Amazon marketplaces. In today's article we want to go into the content of the book.



You can find the different editions of the book on Amazon, one in German and one in English. If you have a premium account on Amazon, you can also read the e-book version for free. The book is printed directly from Amazon. Since we wanted to guarantee a higher quality of the book, it is correspondingly more expensive.



In the book we are devoted to the basics of ABAP unit tests, how you can set up your test and how you can test the various objects. We will also show you what testable applications can look like and how you can implement coding that is easy to test. Here is an overview of the rough topics of the book:

  • Introduction to ABAP Unit and Testing
  • Basics of the tests
  • Dealing with old objects
  • Analysis of tests
  • Structure of test cases
  • Test framework
  • Test double framework
  • Testable code
  • Software architecture
  • Tips


Among other things, there will again be a lot of examples to bring you closer to the topics and to get you ready for your next project.



Automatic and fast tests will become more and more important in the future and give you as a developer the best feedback as to whether your code is still working exactly as it should. The tests protect the code generated in this way from ceasing to work if you do incorporate a bug. Likewise, you will often change code that affects other code in other places. To do this, you need the right tools at hand and have to write your code in a testable manner, which in most cases it is not initially.



As usual, we will also make the individual chapters available on our blog. For this project, we wanted to first create the book and a proper guide. This will then be found in the various sections. We currently have many other topics on our blog that we want to bring you closer in order to become an even better developer.



In the course of the year we will also publish the individual chapters of the book here on our blog. If you would like to have all of the knowledge you have gathered in one fell swoop or just support us, you can do this via Amazon. Have fun reading and learning.

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