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ABAP BOPF Quick Guide Update
Created by Software-Heroes

ABAP - BOPF Quick Guide (Update)

A little update to our book that we published. For all people who find the paperless office boring.

Today a small update on our last announcement about the publication of our e-book on Amazon. We were not lazy during this time and have enriched our manuscript with additional information and style.


Pocket book

In order to publish the paperback, the manuscript had to be revised again and enriched with additional information. A new table of contents was needed, the images and coding needed signatures again and the alignment of the pages needed an adjustment. You can see the result of our efforts here.



Then there were some minor difficulties with the publication rights, as Amazon could not correctly confirm the author of the blog and the publisher of the books in the first step, so it took another two weeks until everything was confirmed. But now you can buy the German and English versions from Amazon.



It takes a lot of work to get the finished result, especially if you have to spend a lot of time on minor formatting. But here is the result, which you can order on Amazon. Have fun reading and put on the shelf.

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