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Flutter Day 2020

The Flutter Day 2020 is over and we will briefly summarize the most important of the day and provide you with the resources.


The event is over and many developers around the world have taken part or at least watched the summary of the sessions. We would like to briefly summarize what was new and what information was shared in the individual sessions.



The event this year was under the motto Corana or COVID-19 and was carried out entirely online. There was a lot to see again from the Flutter team. The individual events were distributed as streams over the days. It started here in Europe on Thursday at 6 p.m. and ended on Friday at 6 p.m.

You can still watch the following sessions on Youtube:

  1. Building beautiful UIs
  2. DevTools
  3. Dart


There were some interesting behind-the-scenes insights and additional information about what the Flutter team is currently working on.



The Codelabs will certainly tell you something as a developer. Here you get examples of implementations and can build them step by step to learn something about the mechanics and mode of action. These were also updated and expanded for the Flutter Day. You can get an overview on the official website with the notes which courses are new.

The new courses are:

  • Integration of advertising with AdMob
  • Multi-platform with firestore
  • Write a flutter plugin
  • Develop the Flutter desktop app
  • Use a plugin in a web app


If you are interested in the new courses, you should take a look at them and try them out. The topic of monetization with advertising is certainly also important, a topic that you will surely encounter more often in the future.



The CodePen topic was also used in the examples for the beautiful flutter apps. Here you get the opportunity to try out some dart and flutter online without installing the required software on the computer. Always suitable if you want to try something in between or want to take your first steps in Flutter.

We had already written an article on this if you want to find out more about the background.



I think the days were again very interesting for every Flutter developer and if you are new or missed the event, just have a look on the official channel on Youtube or go directly to the Flutter website. Have fun trying the Codelabs.

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