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Flutter CodePen
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Flutter - CodePen

In the last article about Flutter we showed you some news about the DartPad. Today there is some news to try out the framework.

Since Flutter is still in beta phase for the web component of the framework, this does not prevent cloud development solutions providers from providing tools and environments for Flutter Web.



With CodePen, one of the well-known platforms for web development has now opened and provides a virtual environment for flutter development. In cooperation with Google, the same services are used as with the DartPad, so they should behave accordingly.

by CodePen


The following link takes you to the CodePen website and gives you the opportunity to:

  • Start directly with the editor
  • Or to check out some examples (templates)


by CodePen



Flutter is an open source project by Goolge, which should give you the opportunity to create your own apps on as many platforms as possible with very little code. "One codebase, all platforms" is one of the visions of the framework.

On our overview page we have already summarized many things you need for the first start and some explanations, as well as links to courses. This should give you an overview and a start in development with Flutter.



Do you already know Flutter? Then the alternative on CodePen is a nice way to try some new things. If you don't know Flutter yet, the environment is very good for your first steps without installing anything on your computer.

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