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Flutter Learning source
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Flutter - Learning source


In this article we want to introduce you to some current learning sources that you can use as inspiration and for further education. Here we will mainly deal with YouTube channels and present some.

We have already devoted a whole page to the topic of Flutter in the past and explained to you what the framework does and what you can use it for. We had already listed links there where you can get courses to learn Flutter. In this article, we want to go into the various YouTube channels.


Further development

The Flutter framework is constantly changing, new functions are being added and some old widgets from the framework are becoming obsolete. In the case of the obsolete widgets, these are still there, so you don't have to worry about your existing projects. You can quickly find various videos about such changes to the framework on YouTube and you can also get information at the conferences.



The video platform has also been used by the developer community for many years to publish tutorials and prototypes for app designs. You can use these for learning and inspiration.

  • Flutter - The team's official Flutter account. Here you can get information about widgets and Flutter conferences. The "Widget of the Week" series, which brings you closer to the various widgets and their functions, is particularly helpful here.
  • RetroPortal Studio - You are interested in UI design and the construction of nice widgets, then it is worth taking a look at the channel. The developer also provides you with the ShapeMaker, which was completely written in Flutter and you can use it to design and extract your own shapes for Flutter.
  • Robert Brunhage - Above all, covers a lot of the basics in Flutter and gives you tips on how certain things work in Flutter. Is also a member of the Flutter Community Europe.
  • Flutter Explained - The developers report on a wide range of topics on YouTube, often stream live coding events and show news about the framework and current developments.
  • Fun with Flutter - If you need more information about technology, a deep dive for provider or riverpod, then the channel is just right for you to learn more about the technology.



You want to build complex canvas, figures or widgets in Flutter, but you lack the imagination and it is too difficult to calculate all the points in your head? Then we recommend the ShapeMaker. With this tool you can create various shapes online and finally extract the Flutter code to incorporate into your project. The following YouTube video shows what goes on:



The tool is also completely written in Flutter and shows what is already possible today with the web version of Flutter. The tool is now also available as a download for Windows or Mac.



As fast as the framework and functions are currently developing, you should stay up to date so as not to miss any cool features in the future. Perhaps you are interested in one of the channels in the list or you will find someone new.

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