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Review of the year 2018
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Year review 2022


Today we look back on the past year 2022 and what has been driving us around on the blog this year.

As every year, when the year comes to an end, we publish a small summary of the events and topics of this year. We refer to the entire blog.


Good resolutions

We started the year with good intentions and wanted to publish a new article every Friday to keep the blog growing. We were able to keep to that regularly and deliver enough content. This works especially well when articles are not written on-the-fly, but are prepared accordingly. Our article backlog is also filled accordingly, so that you can still access exciting content in the years to come.



Let's take a look at the growth, which we can also statistically prove. So we can look at the numbers from Google and how the blog is ranked there and how often it gets clicked. We were able to double the daily visits to the website over the course of the year and thus achieved stable growth.


Since almost all of our content falls on ABAP and SAP, access also falls sharply on weekends, since very few developers work on weekends. The example of Google is the best way to see the growth, of course there are also readers who come via other search engines or access the website via direct links.



This year we also published the "Subscribe" button on the blog, so you can leave a subscription and an e-mail address directly via the blog and then also receive e-mails for the selected categories when new topics are published. If something is delayed on our site, you will always be informed in good time when new content is available.



If we look at the article statistics, most of the articles fall into the following areas:

  • Core Data Services - 16
  • ABAP RESTful Programming Model - 14
  • General - 6
  • New ABAP - 4
  • Quicks - 4
  • Tools - 1


We have been able to complete the series on Core Data Services so far, but maybe there will be one or two articles on the subject next year to shed light on the news in this area and to bring together missing pieces of the puzzle.



This year, the ABAP topic was mainly filled with the Core Data Services (CDS) and the new programming model ABAP RESTful Programming Model (RAP). We were able to complete the first subject topic so far, but we are still in the middle of creating the second one. Above all, the topic of the Business Technology Platform (BTP) will accompany us for the next few years, as this is where most innovations are made and the latest ABAP versions, in addition to the S/4 HANA Cloud, are available.



We're currently still pausing the series that we started last year because we simply don't have the time to continue working on the project. We are currently focusing more on the new topics in the ABAP area, but we still have an eye open for the new Flutter topics and changes in the framework.



As you have probably noticed, we do not use any advertising or tracking via Google and therefore do not need a cookie pop-up. We want to keep this up next year and focus on free content. You will still have the opportunity to support us in other ways to keep the blog and website running in the future.



With an "ABAP's not Dead" we say goodbye to you this year, wish you a happy new year after 2023 and then read each other again in the new year. We hope you enjoyed the content of the blog and that we will continue to provide you with a lot of knowledge in the future.

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