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Year review 2020

Even if the year was determined by COVID-19, we have implemented some innovations and articles on our site. You can find out what exactly happened here.

The year 2020 is coming to an end and even if it is not the best year internationally, we have achieved a lot over the year. In today's article we want to address some of the points and highlight new features and ideas of this year.



Again this year, the focus was on providing knowledge in the form of articles on our blog. Again we were able to deliver a large number of ABAP articles, but Flutter didn't miss out this year either. Here is a brief overview of the articles from the individual areas.

  • 32 articles about ABAP
  • 6 articles about Flutter
  • 4 about other categories


ABAP must learn topicsCreated by SAP



This year we also published our first book on the subject of "BOPF - Quick Guide" and combined our series, which we started last year, as an e-book and paperback. This gives you the opportunity to get everything at a glance and you don't have to search our blog. It's also a great way to support us and our blog. You can find out more about this topic on our support page or via the individual articles.



We worked on different versions of our app for the Resource Monitor and made them available bit by bit via the internal store of the site. From there you get to the first version, the PWA via Flutter on its own sub-domain and the app store version for Android.




What else do we have planned for the next year? Of course, you can't plan something like this in detail, but we will definitely take up some ABAP topics again and will publish some articles on them. Furthermore, we have already worked on a new and hopefully helpful app this year, which we will finalize next year.

Another focus will be on another book on ABAP Unit and Unit Testing, which we are already busy writing and which is already well advanced. More on this topic will certainly follow in individual articles.

We also want to finally finish our API documentation so that you can also use our APIs to access data from our apps.



This year is already over and we hope that next year will be a little quieter internationally. We have achieved a lot, but not everything that we originally planned. Nevertheless, we wish you a Happy New Year to 2021 and read each other there again.

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