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Year Review 2021
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Year review 2021

The year 2021 is coming to an end and, like every year, we want to give a little review of the past year and what has happened on our side.

The year is coming to an end today and we want to talk about the small and big successes, but also dare to take a look back. We'll give you facts and figures about the blog and what else has happened.


Facts and figures

Let's first get to the hard facts that moved us this year. Let's take a look at the blog and what content we have created this year. We have created a total of 55 blog entries which are broken down as follows:

  • ABAP Unit - 14
  • ABAP OO - 10
  • ABAP general- 9
  • ABAP Quick - 6
  • SAP general - 10
  • Flutter - 5
  • General - 1


This year the focus was mainly on ABAP Unit, for which we have also published our Quick Guide. As usual, we then divided the book into corresponding articles and made them available on the blog. An important second point was ABAP OO, as we believe this will experience a very strong focus in the next few years and every ABAP developer should be fit for it.



Unfortunately, there was very little Flutter Content this year due to lack of time, although we had actually expected more blogs. We started a small project this year to create an app and want to take you with us in the process. You can already find the first steps for planning the data model and the basic structure of the app as an article.

In the next year we want to continue working on the project and maybe start packing the basics of Flutter development into some tutorials.



In ABAP development, a lot has happened in the language since Release 7.40 and we want to bring that closer on our blog. ABAP is now sexy and modern and we as developers should also use these functions and the new semantics in our everyday lives. In our blog we therefore only use the new syntax and the new constructs in order to set a good example.



Another year goes by and countless articles have been written to share the knowledge with you. I hope you could take some new or useful things with you from our blog. We are already looking forward to 2022, so that we can start again and see what the year has in store for us.

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