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Review of the year 2018
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Review of the year 2018


What did the year 2018 bring us here? In addition, a small review of the past and what we have done everything.

The year is drawing to a close and we can only look back a little this year, because this year was the start of the website with our current offer and this blog.



The actual development of the CMS started in December 2017 with the idea to be able to offer a small webstore of its own, in which various apps around the topic of productivity and help should appear.

That this small endeavor would mean almost a year's work, we have not imagined so. Also that we are actually not finished yet and there are just so many little things to do. But at the end of this time, we have laid many small cornerstones to turn our plan into reality.



On September 3. the first article for the opening of the website went live and thus introduced the blog or actually the whole website. We clarify, what you can expect from us and what we will do most of here.

At the beginning two articles appeared every week, but we quickly reduced this interval all at once, because we had to put more time and work into the CMS of the site to eliminate minor bugs and push the project forward.



Sadly, the first app did not make it to 2018, but it's 85% done, as well as the actual framework that is designed to further develop, communicate, and process new content.

This will make integrating new apps much faster and easier in the future. Therefore, any beginning is difficult, but the work will definitely have been worthwhile.



This year we have written 20 articles for the following SAP topics:

  • Obsolete commands: 4
  • Quick tipps for ABAP: 6
  • New ABAP: 7

The rest is for general posts or announcements on our blog.



You can fully rely on us again next year. We will continue to provide you with fresh content around the topic of SAP, but also with many new themes and the first apps. We wish you a happy new year 2019.

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