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DSAG technology days 2019

DSAG Technology Days 2019


The Technology Days for this year are over. What impressions remain for us and what is the current status for the field of SAP and ABAP?

The Technology Days ended on 13. February 2019 and once again there was a lot to see from SAP, but also from different customers, what should come in the future and what is new from SAP. We have summarized for you the most important points of the congress and what we have taken with us. But we can say in advance that there was much to see and hear.


Opening / Keynote

The opening began as every year with the keynote of DSAG and then by SAP. Again many buzzwords fell like "Machine Learning", "AI", "Automation" and "Cloud". Everything important topics for the next years and on what companies should prepare for.



The DSAG once again pointed to the three most important pillars on the subject of SAP: network, knowledge and influence. Everything you can get as a member of the community. In any case, many important features that can assist you in your daily work with SAP products. Also very helpful are the guidelines of the DSAG, a true treasure trove of experience and knowledge.



At SAP, the focus was mainly on new topics such as AI and machine learning, but this was mainly due to the guest speaker from this area. In addition to the new technologies, the topic of the cloud is being pushed ahead, although the current principle is rather "cloud, but not only". So in the future there will still be the "on-premise" system at the customer's end, but with the support of cloud applications.

Here, above all, the principle "Keep the core clean" will come to bear in the future. This means that the enhancements should be made in the new ABAP Environment a part of the Cloud Platform. In addition, SAP's new APIs are needed to communicate with the legacy system and will be enhanced the next few years.


Day 1 - SAP roadmaps and concepts

Of course, many of SAP's presentations are just development releases and roadmaps for the years to come, but some of the new products can already be tested and the first demos in the presentations definitely make you want more.



The topic API for connecting and using functions in the system is an important component for the future. To not open the complete system will be the path and create defined interfaces for the customer and external providers. Here too, the subject of provisioning is driven against fees, so that users can, for example, pay for it in order to be able to use the services and data. This model is allready available from many providers offering public APIs.


ABAP Environment

This is the new development environment in the cloud to implement custom code or to extend the standard code, without manipulating the actual system. This should have positive effects, especially during the update cycles, since core and proprietary development are strictly separated.

A few important points, such as the use of Eclipse or the removal of obsolete language expressions, should also be mentioned. So ABAP goes in the future in the Cloud and remains for you. One statement from SAP was, that the language can be easily extended because it is in the hands of SAP, which ensures flexibility in further development.


SAP Fiori / UI5

The new GUI technology will be sent to the next level. It should be easier to provide surfaces for the end user with Fiori Elements. Easier development right out of CDS Views is designed to accelerate cycles and provide consistent user interfaces. The whole thing is summarized under the term ABAP RESTful programming model.


Tag 2 - Customer presentations

The second day was full of lectures and testimonials from customers using SAP, but also directly from SAP when it was about stability or availability, for example. It showed the good and the bad sides that can occur during the implementation. In any case, important experiences from which you can learn.

The following topics were addressed from a development perspective:

  • Integration and monitoring of PI/PO solutions with the creation of KPIs
  • Implementation of master data migrations using the example of the Business Partner
  • Implementation of the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) with connection to mobile devices (SAP Fiori Apps)
  • System stability and availability of HANA systems


The slide sets will be released soon by the DSAG on their page and then you can take a closer look at the individual topics. Of course, only if you did not make it on the spot to be there.



The roadmaps for the next few years are definitely very interesting and it will continue with new innovations. We can definitely look forward to the next developments, but also to see if all the new announcements make it to the final phase and will be released to the customer.

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