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Wikipedia not available (Article 11/13)


Wikipedia was not available in Europe today. This is a reminder against the plans of the European Union for the adoption of Articles 11 and 13.

Since we also run a blog and use material from the internet, as well as documentaries and links, we might be affected by these two articles in the future. Furthermore, we will provide further apps in the future that accept files (upload) and make them available in modified form. Since our services are currently free, we would also like to have a filter to implement.

However, as such technical filters for text, images, audios or videos are not always reliable and error-prone, you would never be able to provide proper protection and run the risk of being caught by the next warning or liability wave.



What is the content of these articles?

  • Article 13, also known as upload filter, involves the uploading and storing of copyrighted material on platforms and services. The liability would be transferred from the uploader to the operator of the website, even on small websites.
  • Article 11 deals with the licensing of press products, even if only small passages of the text were used or cited.



Wikipedia used to emphasize this day once again urgently on the current situation. Just as the two articles were currently implemented, they only bring a bland aftertaste into the discussion on copyright and ancillary copyright.

Since Wikipedia, as a large encyclopedia, also uses many articles as references and images, the site would also become a target of the EU. And can you still imagine today an Internet without Wikipedia?


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Petition is currently running a petition against the current state of EU copyright reform, and especially the articles 11 and 13. If you also want to change something and vote against this reform, then simply sign up for the petition for our free internet.

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