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SAP TechEd 2021
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SAP TechEd 2021


Registration for TechEd 2021 has started and, like last year, the event is 100% online and free for you.

Currently, SAP Event follows SAP Event and we are again provided with a lot of information about the current state of development of the SAP software. At this point we would like to draw your attention to a special event that will take place in November.



Before we get to the TechEd, however, we want to highlight the Devtoberfest, which is currently taking place and providing us with an event and new videos every day. This week was the "Best Practice" week with videos from the areas of CAP, RAP and CI/CD. This almost ends the second week of the event. Here again the links to the videos directly and the overview page:


Every week you can also watch the free recordings on Youtube, so you can't miss anything, no matter where you are in the world. You can get an overview of the entire week here.


TechEd 2021

Registration for TechEd 2021 started this week. Like last year, you can register for free and take part in the events and workshops and don't even have to travel halfway around the world. If you want to register, you can find the link to the official page here.

The catalog is full of interesting dates again, here are a few for us developers:

  • Learn About Our ABAP Strategy [DEV201]
  • Discover Event-Driven Architecture with SAP [DEV101]
  • Get an Overview and Future Road Map of SAP BTP, ABAP Environment [DEV300]
  • Create Applications with SAP BTP, ABAP Environment and SAP Analytics Cloud [DEV260]
  • Get an Overview of Our Road Map for SAP Business Technology Platform [PAR107]



If you still have space in your calendar, then it is time to register for the event, it will be worth it for you as always. Furthermore, you stay tuned to the latest technologies and possibilities and are prepared for the future.

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