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Hello and welcome
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We would like to briefly introduce you to our most important points and contents in this first post. Look forward to many exciting and interesting content around the topic of development and more.

Hello and welcome, good that you have found our blog.

In the next introductory words I would like to describe what you can expect on our blog and with which topics we are mainly concerned throughout our day.

As the name of our website suggests, we mainly deal with the topic of software and development in the following areas:

  • ABAP
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • VB and VBA


During the next weeks and months we would like to present you the following core topics and give you more informations about them:



Especially for the next time many articles are planned for the topic "New ABAP" or "Modern ABAP", because a lot of interesting things have been done. Currently in our opinion the language ABAP is moving in the right direction and becomes more modern, than it was before. This should be addressed to many young developers, but also developers from Java, once to deal with the programming language ABAP.



As a second big project, we want to introduce our CMS, which is also responsible for this website and the blog. It was written in PHP, but also supports functions from Javascript and communicates via AJAX with the backend, to provide more load-free transitions on the page.

It will be all about the presentation of components and techniques, how something has been solved and how the individual components work together.



One of our passions is also the technology, whether smartphones, laptops, PCs or e-scooters, everything is interesting and will be tested and evaluated by us. When we have interesting things for you, you will get the information here.


Of course, we will not be able to say spontaneously what other topics or content will be avaliable, but you can look forward to such articles as well.

Included topics:
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And further ...

Are you satisfied with the content of the article? We post new content in the ABAP area every Friday and irregularly in all other areas. Take a look at our tools and apps, we provide them free of charge.

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