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Autumn 2022 - ABAP and SAP events


What about events and opportunities for ABAP and SAP in autumn 2022? Here are a few suggestions for events you can attend.

Do you still have capacity for new material and a few partner events? Then today we want to suggest a few events in more detail for the near future and what else is coming up in the area of SAP and ABAP in the near future until Christmas.


SAP TechEd

This year's TechEd will again take place completely online and is free of charge after registration. Above all, you will get the latest information with recordings and live chat and you can ask the SAP experts questions directly. There is only a limited number of places for the hands-on sessions and this year there will also be a fee for this part.

Area Data
Name SAP TechEd 2022
Date 11/15 - 11/16/2022
Language English
Type Stream
Agenda Link
Registration Link
Cost Free, hands-on session for charge


DSAG AK Development

Before the turn of the year there will be a virtual meeting of the AK Development of DSAG. The main focus will be on the topics RAP (ABAP RESTful Programming Model) and BTP with the ABAP Environment. Customers will present various scenarios, how they have carried out implementations on the platform and what ABAP in the cloud is primarily used for.

Area Data
Name Virtual meeting of the AK Development
Date 11/30/2022
Language German
Type Zoom
Agenda Link
Registration Link
Cost Free, DSAG membership



The ABAPConf takes place for the second time this year and is a format that was brought to life by the ABAP community. You will get lectures from SAP, but above all from the community, on a wide variety of topics. The event will be streamed via YouTube and these will also be available via YouTube at the end. You can also watch the streams from last year. You can find more information about this on the ABAPConf website (see link below). Registration for the event is not mandatory, but will help the organizers with planning.

There will be a channel in German and a channel in English, so you'll have to use the YouTube translation to understand all of the content.

Area Data
Name ABAPConf 2022
Date 12/07/2022
Language German / English
Type YouTube Stream
Agenda Link
Registration Link
Cost Free



In addition to work, there will still be a lot of ABAP and SAP content until Christmas. Such events can always be used to get inspiration for your daily work or to think outside the box.

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