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App - First App
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Our first app


The first app was published on the App Store and focuses on -Drinking Water- and how it can help you save money.

Today's article is not about ABAP, but apps. As we wrote in our annual review for 2018, we have been working on implementing the interfaces in our CMS for a while. Today a small preview of the current state of development and a short introduction of the first app.


CMS enhancement

The last few months we have invested in the stabilization and improvement of our CMS, with particular features we have implemented in the background, which you do not see at first glance. But much of the development power flowed mainly in the implementation of the App Store and the decoupling of the individual apps from the framework.

The goal of the implementation are independent apps that only communicate with the CMS via defined interfaces, but also get many of the features from the framework. This allows the apps to be installed on different platforms or even to be developed by third-party members.


Security and standard

The apps should be easy to develop in the future and be very quickly integrated into the appropriate framework. Above all, the communication and the security of your data should be guaranteed and each application has it's own data. This should not be so easy collecting data.

Of course, with this step we also hope to develop faster and easier apps for you, which should bring you a certain benefit for your everyday life.


Drink more water

You can now find the app "Drink more water" in our App Store. It deals with the topic of replacing bottled water with tap water. The app offers you some information about tap water and the use of this as the actual source of drinking water.

The app supports you with information on this topic and shows you every day, the financial benefits that you have through the conversion, as well as the pollutants you have saved.



To use our apps, you need a free account that you can create here. With or without an e-mail address, you can then install the app and access the individual functions via your own dashboard.

You can find the dashboard via the user menu in the upper right corner. On the bar, you can also link your most important apps.

App Dashboard



With the release of our first app, many foundations have been laid for more applications, whose development should now go much faster. We'll keep you informed the next time new apps come to the store.

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