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Devtoberfest 2023 Recap


Devtoberfest is coming to an end, here is a brief review of the topics and information in the area of ABAP and low-code.

Today Devtoberfest comes to an end and with it 4 weeks of interesting content and insights from SAP. In this article we take a look at the highlights in the areas of ABAP and low-code/no-code and summarize the most important things from our point of view. You can find all the sessions and much more on the SAP Developers YouTube channel, the most important links in our article.


ABAP Cloud

The biggest highlight and above all the biggest potential for change in the world of the ABAP developer is ABAP Cloud. This is not the ABAP Environment or ABAP development in the cloud, but rather a model that should apply to all systems, regardless of whether S/4 on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or ABAP Environment (aka Steampunk). . The ABAP Environment development model serves as inspiration for the expansion of other systems by customers or partners. The following sessions are available:


We are currently working on introducing ABAP Cloud in the company and are looking at the various points that need to be taken into account. In addition to the model itself, the ATC can support with tests, working with software components should be understood and the 3-TIER model is an essential part of the software architecture. Basically, there is still a lot to learn and think about when it comes to the correct and clean introduction. In the end, we should also think about training the developers who will be responsible for the model accordingly.


ABAP Environment

For the ABAP Environment, there was primarily an outlook on the innovations that will come with RAP, but also new features with which customers can now save a lot of money. With system hibernation, test and development systems can now be shut down when they are no longer needed. This saves costs and energy and if the systems are not being used anyway, a company can also reduce the burden on the environment. There was also insight for partners who want to provide their own extensions and software as a SaaS solution.


Better Code

When it comes to better code, it's usually about Clean ABAP, code pal and the ABAP Cleaner. The ABAP Cleaner is now the most important tool in daily work with ABAP code and is definitely the best innovation of the year. So why format and revise source code manually when there is such a good tool?


SAP Build Automation

Digitize more processes and build workflows in the cloud? This is possible with SAP Build Automation and not only integrates on-premise systems, but also new systems such as the ABAP Environment. Building your first workflows isn't particularly difficult and there are lots of good tutorials in the Discovery Center. Complex integrations with other systems or non-SAP software then become more difficult. As the successor to the on-premise business workflow, the cloud workflow is an important tool in the developer's toolbox.



In our conclusion, we would also like to say a big thank you to our SAP colleagues for the many very good content and sessions this year. There is still a lot for customers/partners to learn and that makes our work as developers even more exciting. The innovations have increased significantly in recent years and it's fun to absorb the new topics and content and use them in your daily work.

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