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shortMe - Beta started


The beta for our new app shortMe has now officially started, so you can access it via the store and use the functions.

Can't you remember all the SAP and web links or are they just too long if you want to pass them on? With today's app we offer you a way to create very short links to share and track.



So what exactly is shortMe? The app is a link shortener that converts long URLs into short 5-character links so they can be easily shared. If the shortened link is accessed, it redirects to the actual URL. We're actually at the end of the announcement here, but we still want to say something about the other functions.



You can find the app in our store and install it for free. Currently there is only the version available on our website, which can be used without installation on your device. What you need is a free account on our website to install and use it.



ShortMe currently runs mainly under the domain “” or swheroes@ to better define the URL.


The app is designed in such a way that additional URLs can be activated by users if you want to use your own short URL. If several domains are available, you can define your default and favorite domain.



In the URL area, all mapped URLs are displayed and what the associated short links look like. Using the short link you have the option to access or copy the link in order to pass it on.


You can create new URLs using the "+" button. Here you only need your target URL to create a new data set.


You can have all your URLs in the list checked automatically using the button next to the attachment. If target URLs are no longer valid, this will be indicated by the evaluation and you can take appropriate action.


Hint: In the upper part the incorrect URLs and their HTTP status are displayed. Basically everything that has a status of 2++ is fine.



If your links are used, we will record this and include it in the statistics. This way you can see how often your short link has been used.


By clicking on the short link you can access the details and view the statistics, broken down by viewer. In addition to the actual forwarding, we also track who called the link (REFERER). If a website sends this, it is recorded, otherwise the call is summarized under an empty and general point.



The current app still lacks some functions, such as changing data records to update the links again, but the MVP is still executable and usable. If you are still missing special functions, please contact us via swheroes@Contact or explore our website via swheroes@Home.


Store - shortMe

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