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App Resource-Monitor
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Our new app for managing your measurements is now available. We'll briefly show you the most important features and what you need the app for.

As of today, the new app is available in our store. With the "Resource Monitor" you can easily manage and record the meter readings of your home, your house or various other objects. You will be offered various options with which other people can access your data.



In the application you have the possibility to create different boards with which you can manage different objects. Each Board you can assign different permissions/users, who then fill the board with content together with you or just have access to the values.



The acquisition of the measured values takes place via a uniform  input mask and can be adjusted via the settings. The setting determines the type and number of records that can be captured. After recording the individual values, these can be easily checked and evaluated in the overview section.



The evaluation offers an easy way to display and compare the last periods in a diagram. The system calculates the consumption of each month and provides the difference for comparison in an additional table.



If you want to work together with a family member on a board or share the data for viewing, you can do so via the "Share" feature. You also control the permissions the user gets for the board, and you can choose between administrating, editing or viewing.



You can install and use the Resource Monitor via our store. The use of the app is free and you only need an account from us. Just try the function today!

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