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General Terms and Conditions

In the following, the terms and conditions for using our service in connection with an account:

  1. The creation of an account is free of charge and can be done with or without an e-mail address. Without e-mail registration and activation, an account will be considered as unregistered.
  2. An unregistered account (without an e-mail address) will will be deleted after 180 days.
  3. A registered account (with an e-mail address) will be deleted when not in use within 360 days.
  4. The non-use of an account is then determined when the user is no longer active on the page, that is, the website has not called.
  5. The deletion of an account is automated under technical conditions, a deferment of deletion is not possible in that case.
  6. Resetting the password is only possible with a stored e-mail address. Accounts without a registered e-mail address we can not provide support.